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Eyelash and eyebrow tints with Refectocil

Refectocil Eyelash and eyebrow tints 

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Eyelash and eyebrow tints


The best result is achieved when applying the tint regularly, because with each tinting the color will penetrate deeply into the eyelashes leaving them more intensely and durably colored.

For long-lasting beauty!

Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with Refectocil simply look better! The lashes appear clearly longer and more voluminous, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes faded by sun and water. Light brows can be accentuated by a dark tint; dark brows can be lightened to match dyed blond hair or to be co-ordinated in brightness and color with any hair color                                                                                                                 


Tip: Particularly before a vacation you should recommend the tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows to your client. After this experience, your client won’t be able to resist the many advantages!


The color lasts for up to 6 weeks. During this period new eyelashes and eyebrows grow and should be tinted again. Offer your client an individual, customized consultation concerning the selection of colors. The broad color spectrum permits a selection among 9 different colors and will fulfil even the most extravagant desire. Choose between black, graphite, blue black, deep blue, natural brown, light brown, chestnut, red or blond.

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